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Basement Man Cave and Attic Remodeling in Tarboro NC

Craftsman Direct can do just about any basement remodeling from a basic paint job, to laying new flooring, adding a bathroom, tub or shower replacement, or a complete makeover of your unfinished space. Want a man cave? - We have some great man cave ideas.

"We had a closet and small walkway closed in several years go. It was ok, but never did have a lot of usuable space...We asked [Craftsman Direct] to add several shelves...do some drywall work to fix areas where we had the air return moved and enlarged. They came in and got our closet all refinished for us. They also built shelves and patched the drywall. Their work tripled the storage space we have in the closet. They took out the wall that was left from the original door and made it truly one room. They have an A+ service. We got it scheduled, [Craftsman Direct] came out and did an excellent job. Employees where friendly and professional. We would definitely use this service again."

-    June B.

Article on Basement Remodeling
How About a Man Cave?

Originally posted on the Winston-Salem Handyman Blog

Things to Consider when Beginning a Basement Remodel Project - Tarboro NC
If you are planning to refinish a portion of your home, whether an unfinished attic renovation or a basement remodel, you are probably excited about the additional space you will gain. A basement remodel can give you a fun family room or even a man cave. An attic renovation will free up new storage space or even create a new bedroom. Whether you are doing the refinishing on your own or you are hiring a handyman contractor to help, take a few things into consideration before you start your project.

There are two basic types of basements.
Older homes typically have basements that were never intended for a living space. Newer home have basements that can double as an additional room. If you have an older home, your basement remodel may simply be making the area safe to use as a gym, laundry room or storage.

Get to know your basement before starting any project. Take note of the layout and any areas of the walls, floor or ceiling that may need repair. Look for an HVAC system and plumbing - how difficult will it be to get air/heat to the space? or to plumb a bathroom? Figure out if the furnace is going to be in the way of the refinishing.

What kind of room do you want?
You need a solid idea and plan of what you want to create during your basement remodel or attic renovation before you get started. The last thing you want to do is get midway through your refinishing project and decide you are not happy or cannot complete the type of remodel you started. Think about your lifestyle. Do you need space to work from home? Do your kids need a large play area? Would your family love a quiet library for reading and studying?

How About a Man Cave in Tarboro NC?
Man caves are really taking hold now. Get your husband out of sight for the football game or when he has his buddies over. Men like a place where they can relax without worrying about making a mess. Man Cave Ideas: big screen TV for football or man movies; video game area and maybe a nice sound system. Some man caves have a small bar where cold beer or iced tea and chips are quickly available. Craftsman Direct can help you build your man cave in Tarboro NC by remodeling an existing basement.

Plan to create an open, bright area despite the type of room you are installing. Whether you want the attic renovation to result in a bedroom or the basement remodel to end up as a pool room, you will need plenty of light. Attics and basements do not have a lot of natural light, so you will want as much open, bright space as possible. Instead of creating multiple rooms, aim for one large, open area.

Keep your Remodeling Budget in Mind.
An attic renovation or basement refinishing project does not have to cost half of your retirement account! You may be dreaming of a beautiful bar with a working tap or a high-tech entertainment room, but your budget will need to lead you in what type of room you select. A bathroom will cost more than a play room - obviously. There are easy ways to cut costs, too, without having to give up your pool table or widescreen TV. Use paneling on your walls, which will eliminate the need for drywall. The paneling can attach right to the studs in the wall. Drop ceilings are more expensive than drywall ceilings, too. Install a bathroom, but skip a tub or shower and only install a toilet and sink. All things to consider.

Most basement and attic renovation projects are pretty easy to do on your own. However, consider hiring a professional handyman for the most important aspects, like installing heat and water. A professional handyman will also give you tips on how to stay in line with building codes AND your budget.

Attic and Unfinished Spaces
Craftsman Direct is a licensed, bonded, and insured handyman home improvement company. We know how to take your basement, attic or unfinished space from being unusable to being a great man cave, extra bedroom - and a valuable invest in your home.

Basement or Attic Remodel or Refinishing Project
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Man Cave Basement Remodel in Tarboro NC

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Basement Remodel in Tarboro NC

Attic Finishing in Tarboro NC

Ideas and Typical Uses for a Basement or Attic
Ready for a change? Here are some ideas:
  • conversion into an apartment for child/parent
  • gameroom with pool table and/or a bar
  • man cave with large TV for football games
  • additional living space: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen

Remember, when you have a basement remodel project or want a man cave in Tarboro NC - You Can ALWAYS TRUST CRAFTSMAN DIRECT.

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