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Full Service House Painting Contractor
Interior - Exterior Painting Tarboro NC

Call Craftsman Direct Inc. in Tarboro NC when you have a painting project. Interior, exterior, walls or ceiling - whatever you need we will come on-site to give you our written estimate - call us or fill out our FREE Quote form.

Customer Reviews:

Our Craftsman Direct Rep was very professional, kind and responsive. Due to our schedule, we chose to wait 2 1/2 weeks before starting the project though the Craftsman Direct team was available the week after receiving the quote....It looks brand new! The job was estimated to take 2-3 days and was actually completed in a day and a half....We will definitely use Craftsman Direct again for future projects.

The team painted my kitchen cabinets and changed out the hardware on the doors. Very good job. They were professional and did the job within the timeframe agreed upon. I would use them again. They did an outstanding job. We were without use of the kitchen for a few days, but it was worth it.   ~ Terri A., Clemmons

Squeezed me in the same week for a small drywall repair in my ceiling. Lowest price and very courteous. Owner sent someone else on his behalf as he was busy on another project, but he made sure I knew who to expect and his qualifications. Highly recommended.....   ~ George R.
Painting Projects
Tarboro NC

  • Drywall and/or ceilings
  • Interior and Exterior painting
  • Refinishing or staining decks
  • Prime and paint ceilings

We will also do repairs to your drywall or ceiling prior to painting:
- Repair ceilings with water stains or water marks
- Repair ceilings that have seam separation or nail pops
- Repair holes in ceilings from accidents
- Remove popcorn from drywall ceilings
- Apply texture to all ceiling types
- Installation of ceiling medallions and ceiling fans

We specialize in interior house painting: interior walls, sheetrock, ceilings and any other residential painting projects.

Finding a Good House Painting Contractor in Tarboro NC

What You Need to Consider when Looking for a Painting Contractor

Every residential homeowner sooner or later needs to have their house painted and needs to find a trustworthy painting contractor or company. There are a few important things to keep in mind before you allow a local house painter onto your property and into your home.

  • First Impressions are Important
  • Insurance, License and Bonding
  • Good Reviews and a Reputation for being Fair
  • Experience with the Type of Project You Need
  • A Price that You can Trust
  • Do you have a Painting Project?

    First Impressions are Important
    Inviting a house painting contractor inside your home can be a nerve-racking experience. Sometimes a reputable painter can be found through a recommendation from a trustworthy source such as a family member, friend, or co-worker. However, if you cannot find a good recommendation it is important to have some basic knowledge of what to look for in a reputable painting contractor or company.

    First impressions are important. T-shirts, jeans, and work boots are appropriate attire for the job, however, the overall appearance should be neat. A painter wearing a tattered shirt or jeans with holes is not interested enough to make a good first impression. It makes one wonder what kind of attention to detail they will have while painting your home. Also, have a glance at the vehicle parked in your driveway. Ask yourself if it meets your expectations for someone working inside your home. Nobody wants to be judged too harshly by a first impression, but first impressions can be important, especially when your home and money is involved. Of all home improvement projects, painting probably demands more neatness - paint spilled on your carpet or floor is difficult to overcome.

    Contractor Insurance, License and Bonding in Tarboro NC
    In North Carolina a handyman or house painting contractor should have a business license and be able to show it to you. You should also ask for proof of liability insurance and bonding. No credible painter or contractor will mind being asked to prove his credibility - it shows their integrity.

    Tarboro NC Interior and Exterior Painting Reviews and a Good Reputation
    Ask the painter for a recommendation. Before hiring a painting contractor, cross reference their information using a search engine on the internet. If a review or recommendation given by the contractor is not accurate, you might want to reconsider or ask for a second review. A more experienced painter will also be able to provide you with examples of interior and exterior painting projects, and may even have photos or a portfolio you can look at.

    A Price that You can Trust
    A reputable painting contractor will give you a price you can trust. Most contractor estimates give a 5-10% margin to cover the unexpected, but after that you need the confidence that your price is not going to change dramatically. Every now and then the contractor might find rotted wood or structural problems that were impossible to foresee - no handyman can guarantee against this and this is where the homeowner can feel some security IF they have already done the steps above to ensure the reliability of the handyman. If you have questions at that point about the painting company you should ask for a second opinion - have another contractor look at the "unexpected" problem to make sure the repairs merit the new price. Remember: painting ceilings and doors, or bare drywall, does take more time and/or more painting materials.

    Painting Contractors in Tarboro NC
    - Residential House Painter
    - Handyman Painting
    - Interior Home Painting
    - Ceiling and Drywall Repair Painting
    - Interior Wall Painting and Doors