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Angies List Super Service Award 2010-2013 - Handyman Home Improvement Award Winner for Cary, Durham, Raleigh
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Super Service Award - Four Consecutive Years: 2010 - 2013

Craftsman Direct - Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Home Improvement

Craftsman Direct Inc. is a locally-owned and operated handyman home improvement and renovation company in Durham, North Carolina. We specialize in residential home improvements and repair and commercial renovations in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh and the surrounding area. We consistently beat the national handyman chain prices by 15% or more and never ask for payment until you are thoroughly satisfied with your finished project.

Give our Quote Challenge a try. We also offer you the longest warranty in the handyman industry. Check out our Two-Year Warranty.

We will give you a free quote - our Written Price Guarantee on all home improvement/remodeling and renovation projects. This price is good for 30 days, and all of our home repair work also carries a Two-Year Warranty. We are a licensed, bonded, and fully-insured home improvement contractor, as well as a member of the Better Business Bureau. We also offer several references for your review from satisfied customers who have experienced our handyman skills firsthand.

Craftsman Direct in the News:

Craftsman Direct Handyman of Durham Offering Discount Coupons for Home Improvement Projects Like Painting, Wood Rot Repairs and Wooden Deck Cleaning

DURHAM-RALEIGH-CARY - February 11, 2014 -- /24-7PressRelease/ -- Craftsman Direct....is now offering discount coupons for all handyman projects completed before the end of March.

"Handyman projects include things like small painting jobs, wood rot repair, deck cleaning-sealing, real estate punch lists and many others too numerous to mention," said Lee Mendel Smoak, President of Craftsman Direct....Craftsman Direct is the most qualified company to help you with all your handyman related chores. We have received 55 Super Service Awards in only three years - we are the most decorated company in Durham. We are also proud of our standing with the Eastern North Carolina Better Business Bureau: 8 years without a single complaint."
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Craftsman Direct Handyman Home Improvement Named Expert Wooden Deck, Patio and Porch Builders in the Greensboro and Raleigh-Durham NC Regions

DURHAM-RALEIGH-CARY - February 2, 2014 -- /24-7PressRelease/ -- Craftsman Direct Handyman Home Improvement, named by the Winston Salem Journal as experts in wooden deck, patio and porch building continues to lead the way in custom outdoor living construction.

The Journal cited Lee Smoak, Owner and President of Craftsman Direct, "...[the constructing of a professionally] built, well-maintained deck is [one of the best ways to] add value to your home." Smoak asserts that this continues to be the case.

"We specialize in custom patio, deck and porch construction," said Lee Smoak. "....Just about anything is possible. Give us a chance to build that unique outdoor space for you."
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See Winston Salem Journal article.

Finding a Reputable Handyman in Raleigh-Durham

Things to Consider when Trying to Find a Reputable Handyman

Every homeowner has home improvement projects from time to time and needs to find a trustworthy handyman. There are a few important things to consider before you allow a local handyman or contractor onto your property and into your home.

• First Impressions are Important
• Insurance, License and Bonding
• Good Reviews and a Reputation for being Fair
• Experience with the Type of Project You Need
• A Price that You can Trust

First Impressions are Important
Inviting a handyman or contractor inside your home can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if the handyman is a complete stranger. Sometimes a reputable handyman can be found through a recommendation from a trustworthy source such as a family member, friend, or co-worker. However, if your inner circle is unable to provide a referral, then it is important to have some basic knowledge of what to look for in a reputable handyman.

First impressions can be a tell-tale sign of a handyman's trustworthiness. T-shirts, jeans, and work boots are appropriate attire for the job, however, the overall appearance should be neat. A handyman wearing a tattered shirt or jeans with holes is not interested enough to make a good first impression. It makes one wonder what kind of attention to detail they will have with your home improvement project. Also, take a peek at the vehicle parked in your driveway. Ask yourself if it meets your expectations for someone working inside your home. Nobody wants to be judged too harshly by a first impression, but first impressions can be important, especially when your home and money is involved.

Handyman or Contractor Insurance, License and Bonding in Raleigh-Durham
In North Carolina a handyman or home improvement contractor should have a business license and be able to show it to you. You should also ask for proof of liability insurance and bonding. No credible handyman or contractor will mind being asked to prove his credibility - it shows their integrity.

Raleigh-Durham Handyman Reviews, a Reputation for being Fair and Examples of Work
One way to check a handyman's credibility is to ask for a recommendation for similar work as on your home. Before hiring a handyman or contractor, cross reference the information using a search engine on the internet. If the review or recommendation given by the handyman is not accurate, you might want to reconsider or ask for a second review.

A more experienced handyman will also be able to provide you with examples of past projects he or she has completed, and may even have photos or a portfolio so you can see his or her quality of work.

A Price that You can Trust
A reputable handyman or contractor will give you a price that you can trust. Most contractor estimates give a 5-10% margin to cover the unexpected, but after that you need the confidence that your price is not going to change dramatically. Every now and then the handyman might find rotted wood or structural problems that were impossible to foresee - no handyman can guarantee against this and this is where the homeowner can feel some security IF they have already done the steps above to ensure the reliability of the handyman.

Finally, make sure the handyman working in your home pulls any required permits. Failure to pull a permit could leave you with unwanted fines. If a handyman is unable to pull a permit, then it is probably for a reason that compromises his or her integrity.

Marisa McCain
  Jan 2014
Excellent work...Clear estimate / invoice given in writing prior to the work, good communication throughout...price was reasonable....Work performed was of the highest quality...

Lynda Caron
  Jan 2014
From the first call the owner Lee was polite and responded quickly....After calling at least 10 Angies List A companies he was the only response that did not say my job was too small to bother. The work was done very well.... I can't say enough good about them!!!

Thomas Peck
  Dec 2013
We were hesitant to hire Lee since his quote was much lower than his competitor....we decided to give Lee a try. And he turned out to be awesome!...he even customized our IKEA corner cabinet to fit an odd angle...