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Licensed General Contractor for Remodeling Projects

The North Carolina General Contractor Licensing Board has determined Craftsman Direct to have satisfied all the necessary qualifications to be a Licensed General Contractor in the State of North Carolina.

"This General Contractor License is another step in the progress of our company," said Lee Mendel Smoak, President of Craftsman Direct. "We have been awarded Super Service Awards in multiple categories for the last fours years....Now as a Licensed General Contractor we have proven ourselves and are accountable to the State of North Carolina in a formal way."   - Read the full press release...

Custom New Home Builders High Point NC

Remodeling General Contractors - High Point NC

As a Licensed General Contractor, we can also offer a custom built home. We have a licensed custom home builder on our staff with over 10 years of experience in taking a custom home from drawings to the final phase of construction.

Our Commitment to You:
  • to help you develop the plan (and pricing) that you want
  • to work diligently to make you happy with your new home
  • to communicate with you through each phase of building

A Focus on Customer Service
Everybody says it, but not everybody does it. When you are preparing to spend multiple thousands of dollars, you deserve a custom home builder that will listen, be available, be patient AND show you respect.

Custom Design and Construction
It is very rare for something to be impossible when building a custom home. If you envision it, we will do everything possible to build it. If you want something that goes beyond our original agreement, we will work with you to come up with a reasonble price...AND WE WILL DO IT.

Building Greeen
We will do our best to address every environmental concern while building your home. Building a "Green" home can be very expensive. We will, however, do our best to do everything you want to conserve energy and our environment, both during the building process and in the materials we use. There are many good resources to draw from: energy-efficient masonry, tankless water heaters and appliances, and new technologies for home heating and cooling systems. It's YOUR home - we will do YOUR way.

Attention to Detail
The most difficult part of building a custom home is the attention to details and getting from 98% to 100% completion. The finishing touches, making sure there are no unacceptable gaps, missing trim, colors that do not match...it can seem overwhelming...but we are committed to finishing the job right - all the way to the final walk-through. After that, you will not have to pester us about the six month punch list - every custom home has small details that are not noticed right away. You just keep a list so we can fix everything with the six month punch list.

Finding a Reputable General Contractor in High Point NC

There are a few important things to consider before you hire a General Contractor onto your property and into your home.

• First Impressions are Important
• Insurance, License and Bonding
• Who will do the work?

First Impressions are Important
Selecting a General Contractor can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you have never dealt with a GC. Getting a recommendation from a trustworthy source always helps: a family member, friend, or co-worker who has already used the company gives a certain amount of confidence. However, if you do not have anyone to provide a referral, then it is important to have some basic knowledge of what to look for in a General Contractor.

First impressions are always important. Although work clothes like jeans, and work boots are appropriate, the overall appearance should be neat. A torn shirt or dirty jeans with holes might reveal a person not interested enough to make a good first impression. It can make you wonder about their attention to detail - will they carry the same attitude into your project. Take notice of the truck they drive. You are probably not looking for a brand new unused look, but neither do you want to see a beat up, dirty and junky truck. Again, this MIGHT speak to how a General Contractor approaches your project. Remember: these are just things to notice IF you have not been able to get a recommendation. If the GC has been recommended by somebody you trust, these things will not be as important to note.

General Contractor Insurance, License and Bonding - High Point NC
In North Carolina a General Contractor must be licensed and should be able to show the license to you. You should also ask for proof of general liability insurance, bonding and the amount of their insurance. No credible GC will mind being asked to prove his credibility - it shows their integrity.

Who Will Actually do the Work?
A reputable General Contractor will be happy to give you details about the sub-contractors he will use. Most GCs do subcontract at least some of the work. Again, if you have been given a solid recommendation this is not as critical. But if you are coming to the GC on your own, you might want to ask for recommendations/reviews of the sub-contractors that will do the work.

Finally, the whole point of hiring a General Contractor is getting a responsible party to pull all required permits. Failure to secure proper permits could leave you with unwanted fines and time-consuming inspections. If a GC is unable to pull a permit, it might be due to a reason that compromises his integrity.